May 20, 2009

San Jose's KLOK Sent To Principle's Office is reporting that Univision's KLOK (1170 AM) in San Jose has been sold to Principle Broadcasting, a New York-based outfit that specializes in "ethnic and other niche radio plays":

Principle, run by President/CEO Bill Saurer, is paying $7,650,000 for the facility, which has 50-kw days and 5-kw nights. Univision will retain the current "Radio Cadena" news/talk format and move it to the HD-2 signal of its "Recuerdo" KBRG-FM (100.3).

Last November, Your Intrepid Reporter had blahhhhged that KLOK's expected sale was to Salem Communications (owners of KFAX and KDOW here). Wrong? You betcha.

UPDATE (6/5/2009): Here's your coat and hat, what's your hurry? A quick twist of the wrist finds that Principle has already taken over KLOK's programming. At this moment, there is some truly swingin' South Asian music rockin' the 1170 airwaves...

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Anonymous John U said...

It's a sad time for Spanish radio. Many Spanish residents depend on the radio to inform them and get them through their daily lives.
The other prominent Spanish radio station is not doing so well either.
Time to enjoy the South Asian tunes...Brrrrruuuuuuaaaaah for Banghra.

Nice blog...keep it up.

June 21, 2009 7:43 PM  

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