October 28, 2008

KGO Hints At Big Announcement

Newstalk behemoth KGO (810 AM) is promoing that they'll have an "illuminating" announcement coming up on 10/30 (this Thursday) at 10:30...

Speculation in the ba.broadcast Usenet group (in threads here and here) has run to the naming of a new 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. host on the station, such as Alex Bennett (doubtful) (I think).

Christine Craft, posting in ba.broadcast, noted "Engineers (were) building a new studio where the old Dean Edell studio used to be ... All seemed hush/hush when I worked all last week."

Could the "103" in 10:30 and 10/30 refer to an FM dial position ... 103.7? 102.9? Is there a chance that Citadel could buy or LMA either KKSF (from Clear Channel) or KBLX (from Inner City)? Perhaps another FM signal can be lassoed, such as KNGY (92.7), KCNL (104.9), KRTY (95.3) or Stockton's KSTN-FM (107.3, which actually covers a lot of the Bay Area).

A WHOIS search shows that Citadel/KGO has registered KGOFM.com, just a few days ago:

Domain Name: KGOFM.COM
Created on: 24-OCT-08
Expires on: 24-OCT-09
Last Updated on: 25-OCT-08

Administrative Contact:
webmaster, FM engineering@abc-sf.com
Citadel Communications
900 Front Street
San Francisco, Ca 94111
415 398-5995

Technical Contact:
Berry, Ken engineering@abc-sf.com
ABC Radio
900 Front Street
San Francisco, Ca 94111
415 954-8100

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