February 24, 2009

JV's Back ... Is Karel Next?

A post on the ba.broadcast Usenet group, picked up by the respected San Francisco Peninsula Press Club, predicts that Karel will be returning to the local airwaves soon -- perhaps as early as next week.

The ba.broadcast post reads:

Well it's official. Karel is going to be a syndicated on Energy 92.7 FM and KRXA 540 AM. The show airs Monday through Thursday from 9PM-12AM. Good to see Karel is back on the air.

Karel was fired by KGO (810 AM), along with his board op, back in November after his expletive-laden comments about a fictional plumber made it onto the airwaves.

Now, Karel has a "countdown clock" on his website, leading to next Monday (March 2).

What is it about KGO and ex-KGOers and dagnabbed countdown clocks?

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