November 02, 2008

Hello, Eye! Calling All Idiots...

Great news this afternoon from the great M. Dung, who announced (by way of that he's returning to the airwaves with his popular Sunday Night Idiot Show, after a brief hiatus.

...Okay, it's actually been sixteen looooong years.

The return of The Idiot Show comes in two weeks, on November 16 from 6 to 8 p.m., on K-You Radio (KYCY 1550 AM), a station which Dungboy incorrectly notes "no one listens to!"

(Not true, M! To quote the legendary Bob Falfa, "I ain't nobody, dork.")

The show will also be streamed online on the K-You Radio website.

According to Dung, The Idiot Show -- once a staple of KFOG's lineup -- was last heard on reg'lar radio in these parts back in 1992, when it was broadcast by the old Double 99 FM (98.9 KDBK).

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Blogger raccoonradio said...

But will he still be there after the new year? now reports CBS is changing 1550 to oldies as KFRC

"January 1 brings an oldies format to CBS Radio's 1550 in San Francisco - programmed by Scott Shannon. The current podcast and variety-music-based format will last only until December 31, after which CBS “will ring in the new year with oldies on 1550 AM and”

December 24, 2008 1:11 PM  

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