March 07, 2009

RIP: Brian James

Brian JamesYou probably don't recognize his name, let alone his face, but Brian James (photo, right) wasn't in the business for his name or face value. Brian James was, simply, one of the most popular voice imaging guys in the industry, heard on hundreds of radio and television stations, and countless commercials.

Word came today that Brian James has passed away at the ripe young age of only 48. The reported cause was a heart attack.

How good was he? In the Bay Area, he was the imaging voice at two major stations, KFRC (106.9 FM) and KNBR (680 AM) -- at the same time. According to his website, James was also the imaging voice at KIIS/Los Angeles, Z100/New York, Capital Radio/London, WSIX/Nashville, WFLA/Tampa and WLW/Cincinnati, among many others.

He was also widely heard on VH-1 and the entertainment gossip show "Extra," as well as numerous commercials and promotional bits.

On KNBR, his voice is currently heard on those ubiquitous imaging liners, such "Don't be a playa-hata ... You're rolling with Gary Radnich on KNBR."

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