June 12, 2007

Radio Dots & Dashes (June 12 Edition)

Speculation that Tim Jordan would be named program director at the relaunched Classic Hits iteration of KFRC/106.9 has ended ... with Tim Jordan being named program director at the station.

Jordan had been operations manager for MOViN 99.7 (KMVQ) -- which had previously been the home for the last version of KFRC -- and program director for podcast/brokered time/A's baseball and whatever else they could stick on it KYCY/1550 (a/k/a KYOU Radio).

Next task for Jordan: hiring up an air staff. The wistful nostalgist in me clings to hope that at least a few ex-Big 610 Men are rounded up for airshifts, i.e., John Mack Flanagan, Don Sainte-Johnn, Big Tom Parker, Marvelous Mark McKay.

(I know. I won't hold my breath...)

Midnight, early this morning, marked the changing of the guard at powerhouse talker KGO/810, as more than fifty years of ownership by ABC (or derivatives thereof) came to an end. The new owners, Citadel Broadcasting, took control of the former ABC Radio station group that includes KGO and jewels such as KABC/Los Angeles and WABC/New York, along with ABC programming staples Paul Harvey and Sean Hannity.

The $2-billion-plus deal was essentially a stock swap that moved the ABC Radio group from control by Disney into the hands of Citadel.

Virtually everyone connected with the KGO end of the operation says that no changes are imminent ... but new owners have a tendency to have different ideas as to budgets and philosophies. Sure, KGO has been successful, and the same stellar crew will continue to be in charge in San Francisco, but those bean-counters always have to have their say...