January 18, 2007

Bonneville Trades S.F. Stations To Entercom

Entercom LogoAccording to a breaking bulletin in Radio & Records, Bonneville International and Entercom have executed a multi-city, multi-station swap that will move KOIT-FM (96.5), KDFC (102.1) and KMAX (95.7) into Entercom's stable.

Bonneville will gain KIRO, KBSG and KTTH in Seattle and WKRQ, WSWD, WUBE and WYGY from Entercom in exchange for the San Francisco cluster, the report claims. R&R also notes that both ownership groups will be seeking a time brokerage pact (LMA) to operate their new stations by the end of this quarter, and are hoping to close on the deal by the end of 2007.

"We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of this terrific group of stations in San Francisco, one of America's greatest markets," Entercom president and CEO David J. Field said in a press release quoted by R&R. "[T]he opportunity to enter the fourth largest market with a station group led by KOIT, one of America's strongest radio brands, was incredibly compelling."

The press release also notes "KOIT is an award-winning Adult Contemporary station, a perennial market ratings leader and one of the nation's most respected radio brands. KDFC is one of the nation's leading Classical stations while KMAX is a newly formatted station that debuted an Eclectic Hits format in 2006."

ADDENDA: In the original bulletin from Radio & Records, no mention was made of Bonneville's KOIT/1260. The report was updated to include the following: "The company [Bonneville] will be keeping its KOIT-AM (1260), which is a simulcast of KOIT-FM. Not word yet on what will become of KOIT-AM's format."

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Blogger Georob said...

Several months ago, I emailed Verne "Chris Edwards" White about whether there were any plans to put his "KYA" format on a real station in the Bay Area.

His response was that he had been talking to the CEO of Bonneville about putting KYA back on 1260 AM and even legally resurrecting the call letters. So who knows, maybe that's what could be happening.

I realize that a lot of people don't like the way White has chosen to run and promote his operation, but I do remember his Saturday oldies show being on KYA-FM when it simulcast with KSFO, which tecnically DOES make him an alumni of KYA.

As for him using the name "Chris Edwards", how many other DJ's in the country have borrowed names? For example, wasn't there more than one "Bobby Ocean"?

Lay off the guy, OK?

January 18, 2007 11:42 PM  
Blogger DavidFerrellJackson said...


Apparently, you don't pay good attention.

Verne White is NOT Chris Edwards. He never worked ANYWHERE under the name Chris Edwards, except on his little Internet station, which generally has only two or three listeners at a time.

If you had read Ben Fong-Torres' column in the San Francisco Chronicle regarding Verne White, you would know that the CEO and program director of Boneville had never heard of this guy, had never spoken with him, and had no intention of ever working with him. The news that they traded their stations in the market would bear ample witness to this.

The Saturday Oldies show on KYA-FM? That wasn't Verne White. That was the REAL Chris Edwards that had worked in San Francisco since 1967. Verne White was lying to people and saying that was him.

As for your assertion about various announcers using the same name in different markets, that's not the problem here. The problem is (1) Verne White didn't work in San Francisco at KYA and KFRC, as he lied to people and said he did, and (2) Verne White claimed that he was the REAL Chris Edwards who worked at KYA in 1967, not realizing that the REAL Chris Edwards who worked here was still working in radio here and has dozens of friends still in the business. This is not a matter of Verne White being just another "Chris Edwards"; this is a matter of Verne White saying he was the actual person, and passing himself off as being that person.

Only after he was caught in the lie did Verne invent a "cousin" that he claimed was actually using the "Chris Edwards" name.

> Lay off the guy, OK?

If you don't know anything about Verne White, and you haven't personally been lied to by him, you should honestly do some research before making a comment.


January 20, 2007 11:10 AM  
Anonymous vernewhitellc said...

David farril Jacksons' continuing lies are unbelievible. .If you want the truth you should read my own blog not the lies that the perported owner of the non-profit BM continus to spread.


October 23, 2008 12:15 PM  

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