May 28, 2007

KNBR Among Leaders In Sportstalk Revenue

The Houston Chronicle ran an article Sunday morning which mentions that The Sports Leader, KNBR/680, is #3 overall nationally among sports/talk stations in attracting advertiser dollars.

Quoting here:
"Arbitron ratings are nice, but bucks are the bottom line. By that measurement, to no one's surprise, the nation's top sports radio station in 2006, based on revenues, was WFAN in New York City at $50.6 million, according to BIA Financial Network.

WEEI in Boston was No. 2 at $36.5 million, followed by KNBR in San Francisco at $29.7 million and KTCK in Dallas-Fort Worth at $24.7 million. Stations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia rounded out the top 10."

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