July 03, 2007

KSFO Sends 4th Of July Greetings...

Members of the KSFO Listeners Club received personal greetings from Melanie Morgan via email this morning, excerpted here:


There's nothing I love better than the Fourth of July - the fireworks, the backyard barbecues, the time I spend with my liberal, dysfunctional family members and of course, Marin County's parade, where I get to heckle Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey for her anti-war, anti-troop positions in the swampland that passes for our nation's capitol.

I'm also very enamored of catcalls, hoots of derision and other un-becoming behavior in which I engage towards to the International A.N.S.W.E.R. and Code Pink crowd who show up to try and wreck our patriotic parade with our excited Little Leaguers and their fabulous floats every year.

My husband and son - not so much.

But seriously, I really do get pumped up when I see the American flags flying in the most unlikely of places, Marin County. It reminds me that despite the many differences I have with my neighbors over politics, at least once a year, the Grand Old Flag comes out and we can celebrate together what makes this nation great. ...

I am also thankful that KSFO Radio gives me the opportunity to exercise my Constitutional right of free speech that our forefathers brilliantly included in their efforts to make us a land of opportunity and inclusion.

Don't forget to fly your flag. And take a moment between the festivities, parades, and family re-unions to remember that we are 'One nation, UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.'

Melanie Morgan

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