July 13, 2007

KFRC: Flanagan To Begin Again

The jubilant cheers heard from the second floor of 865 Battery Street in the city today were prompted by the presence of one John Mack Flanagan, who will be jumping back into radio with both feet -- although only ankle-deep (for now) -- in the cozy confines of the station that made him a local legend, KFRC (106.9).

Already having added Dave Sholin (mornings) and Celeste Perry (middays) to their roster, KFRC majordomos Tim Jordan and Mike Preston invited longtime Big 610 star Flanagan back, and he accepted. This afternoon's not-for-broadcast test drive was a chance for John Mack to get back behind the mike in advance of his re-debut as host of KFRC's Sunday morning "Beatles Brunch" show, and the reviews were glowing.

Due to other commitments, Flanagan's Fab Four foray back into the broadcast booth at KFRC will begin with the one-hour Sunday program, but the door has been left open by station management to an expanded role in the future.

John Mack was a vital cog in KFRC's success in the 1970s as part of the all-star lineup that included Dr. Don Rose, Marvelous Mark McKay, Don Sainte-Johnn, Bobby Ocean, Chuck Buell and Rick Shaw.

"Beatles Brunch" debuts this Sunday (July 15) at 9 a.m.

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