February 22, 2010

Clear Channel/SF Rearranges Deck Chairs

AllAccess.com reported just moments ago that two of Clear Channel's heaviest hitters in San Francisco, John Scott and Stacy Cunningham, have "exited the cluster."

Scott was program director of Green 960 (KKGN), while Cunningham programmed KMEL (106.1 FM).

CC/SF operations manager Don Scott takes over programming duties at KMEL, with Ricci Filiar now programming 98.1 Kiss FM, Green 960 and KNEW (910 AM). Filiar had been APD and music director at Kiss FM.

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February 19, 2010

For Stockton's KSTN, Sudden Death

I learned just a few moments ago from a longtime employee at Stockton's KSTN (1420 AM, 107.3 FM) that both stations will go dark tonight.

The AM station will reportedly be dismantled and remain silent. Its future, if it has one, is unclear.

The FM, which has been popular in the Central Valley as La Poderosa, will be off the air over the weekend, then will return on Monday as a "repeater" for Educational Media Foundation's K-Love Christian network.

Both stations are expected to go off-air tonight at or around midnight.

UPDATE (5 PM): I am now informed from personnel inside the radio ranch house at 2171 Ralph Avenue that KSTN/1420 will sign off for good at 6:15 PM this evening.

UPDATE (6:30 PM): Following Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust," KSTN program director John Hampton, who has been with the station for thirty years, and chief engineer Paul Shinn, who has been there for a dozen, said their final farewells and played her out with the KSTN version of the theme from "WKRP In Cincinnati" by Steve Carlisle. Then, sadly, dead air on 1420 kiloHertz.

Click here for an excerpt from the final moments of KSTN/1420.

UPDATE (2/20/2010 12:05 AM): No sentimental send-off for La Poderosa. At midnight, following a quick legal ID, the power was simply shut off on 107.3 FM.

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