January 28, 2008

Bummer: Tony Bruno Off KNBR/1050

Tony BrunoSporting News Radio has parted ways with Tony Bruno (photo, right), which means that Bay Area radio has lost one of its better morning shows -- albeit one that was heard locally via syndication on a second-tier sports station.

Bruno's show was heard on KNBR/1050 (and Sirius Sports 123) and was simply a fun, entertaining, smart show, whether you're into sports or not. I'm one of many who believe that Bruno's daily 10 AM segment with Gary Radnich on mothership KNBR/680 was the best half-hour on radio, day in and day out, bar none.

Sporting News Radio and Bruno had been involved in negotiations for a contract extension, but could not reach an agreement. Bruno will remain with company -- "working with management on other initiatives," according to AllAccess.com -- while under contract for two more months.

Quick aside to Tony Salvadore and Lee Hammer: how tough would it be to set Bruno up with an ISDN line from his home studio in Venice Beach, and pay him (and ace sidekick Mark Willard, a Bay Area product) to do the KNBR/680 morning show by wire? Heck, you can even handle his national syndication, and it would pay for the investment. Not to mention that it would be a significant upgrade over the seat warmers you're currently paying.

Bruno was always smart enough to include enough Bay Area references to keep his show's feeling "local," and he has a sizeable, dedicated and loyal audience here.

Lee Hammer should say yes.

UPDATE (1/29): John Ryan blogs in today's Morning Buzz that KNBR is working on getting the Bruno-Radnich segment back on the air.

UPDATED UPDATE (2/4): From deep inside Tony Bruno World Headquarters comes this news via Mark Willard:

Tony Bruno returns tomorrow Tues Feb. 5 for his daily segment with Gary Radnich on KNBR, "The Sports Leader", from 10 to 10:30 PST. Catch up with Bruno and give him a call. We are all very excited to hear what's up in the near future and find out when Tony will be returning to a morning show near you. If you're calling the Radnich Show from outside the Bay Area use the following number (415) 808-KNBR and listen online at http://www.knbr.com/listenNow.html

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