May 06, 2008

Gavin Newsom No-Show For KKGN Debut

To the great disappointment of several, Gavin Newsom was a no-show for his much-ballyhooed debut on KKGN/960 last Saturday. In Mondays' Chronicle, Matier & Ross had the inside poop:

Hair America: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was a no-show for his debut on Air America. ...late last week, the mayor's office put the whole thing on hold, saying Newsom's schedule was just too jammed with his trip to Israel and New York.

The mayor was slated to start his half-hour gabfest on KNEW-AM Saturday.

So the station had to pull back on its ads promoting the show and instead run a bunch of "Whoops, we're sorry" spots.

"I guess it just wasn't the best time for him to start," said KNEW's John Scott. "Hopefully, we'll regroup in a couple of weeks."


Note the errors in the M&R piece: readers should replace references to KNEW with KKGN. Also, the program wasn't scheduled to be carried on Air America; it is a Green 960 local production and presentation.

The Green 960 website, above a smiling photo of the San Francisco mayor, simply says "The Gavin Newsom Show: Postponed Due to Scheduling Conflicts."

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Blogger alexander said...

Also I just found a new podcast on KKGN that is pretty interesting! Its called Political Sex with Cori and Lex. It sounds like a couple of younger guys who are trying to appeal to the whole Obama generation crowd which seems smart to me. It reminds me of that show on late night on FOX called red eyes or red eye something like that. Its pretty entertaining I encourage people to check it out the link is
Glad to see the PD at KKGN trying something new and cash in on the obamamaniac demographic.

May 29, 2008 12:46 PM  

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