May 22, 2006

S.F. Pirate Planning Splashy Debut

David Kaye noted in ba.broadcast that "Radio X," a pirate station planning to operate on 91.3 FM, expects to make its debut with a kickoff party in San Francisco on June 29.

Radio X LogoThe station, using the slogan "Radio That Swallows," claims on its website that it will operate with 100 watts, and "is committed to providing a voice for the Underground Artists and Arts, Freaks, Misfits and Outcasts in our community."

A programming schedule on the "Radio X" website shows only a handful of shows planned currently at varying times during the week, with "Radioland" hosted by Denny Crane and "Dante's Hot Tub" on Mondays, "JH" on Tuesdays, "SuLt" and "Lab Kat" on Thursdays, and "PH" on Fridays. Only the latter program is listed as a morning show.

However, following the recent shutdown of a San Jose bootlegger operating on 104.1 FM through the work of a group of local radio engineers (photos here), I'm going to guess that "Radio X" will have some Official Government Visitors at their door within minutes of firing up their transmitter.

DOTS'N'DASHES — After having rid itself of Bruce MacGowan in a cost-cutting move (talk about firing the wrong guy for the wrong reason), Sports Leader KNBR/680 did some time-shifting by moving its Brian Murphy and Paul McCaffrey-hosted morning show up a half-hour to a 5 a.m. start beginning today. Gary Radnich's mid-morning funfest moves up a half-hour as well, and will now run from 9 a.m. to noon. More Radnich? More better ... Harry O's "Green Hour," the environmentally-friendly longtime staple of Live 105, lives on via MP3 and podcasts at


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