March 28, 2006

FCC Approves KIQI, KATD Changes

According to this morning's Daily Digest, the FCC has approved construction permits for San Francisco's KIQI/1010 and Pittsburg's KATD/990. Both stations are owned by Arthur Liu's Multicultural Broadcasting and simulcast Spanish-language programming. (KATD is owned by the Multicultural subsidiary Way Broadcasting.)

The KIQI permit allows an increase in the station's daytime power from 10,000 to 35,000 watts. Nighttime power will remain at 500 watts.

The KATD CP allows the station to move its transmitter from Collinsville to a site near Sacramento. KATD's signal, which is being moved ostensibly due to complaints of interference with KIQI — which hadn't been a problem for nearly fifty years — means that Pittsburg, the station's city of license, will be at the far edge of its coverage footprint.

Both construction permits, which were approved on March 23, require that the facility changes must be made within the next 36 months.