October 24, 2005

Krueger Suing Over KNBR Canning

This morning's Matier & Ross column in the San Francisco Chronicle details "a pair of blistering lawsuits" filed by departed KNBR sportstalk host Larry Krueger and ex-morning show producer Tony Rhein against their former employer.

Krueger and Rhein were dismissed, along with KNBR program director Bob Agnew, in the aftermath of Krueger's "brain-dead Caribbean hitters" comments following an uninspired loss by the San Francisco Giants on August 3.

According to Matier & Ross, the suit includes a reference to KNBR general manager Tony Salvadore prodding Krueger "to go after the Giants on air," quoting Salvadore as saying "Do me a favor, pal, rip the s--- out of the Giants."

The suit also notes that Giants executive vice president Larry Baer demanded that Salvadore fire Krueger and, when that did not happen, Baer put a transcript of Krueger's remarks -- with the offending passages highlighted -- on Giants manager Felipe Alou's desk "to provoke Alou into attacking Krueger."

Baer denied the allegations, according the Matier & Ross column. Salvadore declined to comment on the suit, telling the reporters that it was "news to me. I know nothing of it."

Krueger, meanwhile, is spending his afternoons this week reading the sports report between 4 and 7 p.m. on the KGO/810 Afternoon News.

Complete article at SFGate.com.