August 10, 2005

Krueger, PD Agnew, Producer Out In "Brain Dead" Flap

In the wake of Larry Krueger's "brain-dead Caribbean hitters" remark — compounded by the airing of "inappropriate comedy sound bytes" on KNBR's morning show on Tuesday — station general manger Tony Salvadore has fired Krueger, longtime program director Bob Agnew and morning show producer Tony Rhein.

Krueger, who had been suspended by Salvadore after remarks he made on August 3 were brought to Giants manager Felipe Alou's attention on August 5, was reportedly not involved directly in the latest incident, which included an edited "bit" that combined audio clips from "South Park" and "Saturday Night Live" with an excerpt of Alou from an ESPN interview declaring Krueger to be the "messenger of Satan."

Krueger, who had excoriated the entire Giants organization for their woeful performance this season, apologized for what he said and was suspended for a week by Salvadore, who claimed originally that Krueger would not be fired. Krueger was expected back on the nightly "Sportsphone 680" program this Monday (August 15) before Salvadore's sudden change of heart.

KNBR, which is a minority owner of the Giants, is currently up for sale by its owner, Susquehanna Radio of York, Penn.

UPDATE: The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Lee Hammer will replace Agnew as interim program director at KNBR. Hammer is the engineer on Giants broadcasts on KNBR, as well as being both program director at conjoined twin KTCT ("KNBR 1050") and assistant PD under Agnew at KNBR. Patrick Conner, who had been assistant producer for KNBR's morning show, has been given the job of replacing Tony Rhein.

An official KNBR press release regarding the firings has been removed from the station's website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still squirm often when I listen to the KNBR guys each day. What they did to Kruger, Agnew & all was absolutley ludicrous. The Giant's are a mediocre lot at best, have been for many years, nad will continue going forward. Flip Alou is a guy that was a mediocre ball player back then, and performs to the same level as the G-string manager. Flips just a token slot filler. Bond's continues to hold the franchise for ransom while playing his sickly games on us all. I hope the fired guys are better off away from the KNBR crapheads. Gary

September 30, 2006 10:21 PM  

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