June 26, 2005

Radio Dots & Dashes (June 26 Edition)

Just a quick note: two former Bay Area radiojox toiling at Oldies KISN in Portland, Bill Minckler (KYA) and Big Tom Parker (KFRC, KIOI, KYUU), are now history in the Rose City.

According to chatter on the pdxradio.com boards, Minckler exited as program director on Friday (June 24), while Parker will work through July 1 at the Entercom station as morning driver.

KISN โ€” actually KKSN, but operating under the "Kissin" nickname of the city's legacy 1960s Top 40 outlet โ€” had been an AM-FM operation until two months ago when its owners decided to take the FM in another direction and switched it to Adult Hits "Charlie FM โ€” We Play Everything" (KYCH), a trend that may find more and more Sixties Oldies stations facing their final days.

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