May 16, 2005

Open Sores Radio

Oh. My. God.

I have tried — honestly tried — to listen to this new variation on KYCY/1550, and I give up. This is garbage that, at most and at best, maybe two people would want to listen to. And I'm counting the person who created the "podcast" and his/her mother in that tally.

KYCY - KYOUradio Logo (2005)They're touting this "genius" Dave (um) Winer (um) as the (um) Great White Father Of Podcasting (um) and playing bits from his monotonous podcasts incessantly, and it's like (um) being stuck in an (um) endless business meeting with (um) the IT geek and he's babbling (um) about cr*p that NOBODY CARES ABOUT. You went to Harvard. Good for you!


There's a reason why these pod-people aren't working in real radio! There is a reason that the music they are playing is by bands who are "unsigned" or on "independent labels." It's because they are not any good.

Three-quarters of the stuff is unlistenable. Another 15% is garbage. The balance is from idiots that would get cut off if they called in on KGO, KSFO or any self-help line.

I'm assuming that today — Day One Of KYOUradio, as it is being promoted by Infinity — is a showcase of the very best they could find. I can't wait until the novelty wears off in three weeks, and the quality really goes down.

Right now, an idiot is babbling about not being able to sleep on a plane. And how plane food is bad. (His advice: bring your own food. Genius!)

I'll drop a buck in the KYOUradio Death Pool: June 20, and I'm being generous. Bad, bad, bad, bad radio.

RETRACTION: Is it too late to change my bet? (6/8/2005) Yeah, it looks like I'm going to lose that dollar. My June 20 prediction for the end of faux "podcasting" on 1550 will most likely not come true, as Infinity won't be moving the KFRC call letters over from 610 to 1550 until after the A's season is over. As the A's will be playing their last game of the 2005 regular season on October 2 (at Seattle), and barring them getting into the playoffs, look for Monday, October 3, as the possible date for a call letter and format change on 1550. (610 will, of course, become KEAR at that time, with Infinity taking over 106.9 from Family Stations.)

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